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Embrace the obvious.

I often get asked advice either from clients during a treatment session or at social gatherings because of my background as a former bodybuilding champion, weightlifting coach and gym instructor/ personal trainer.This post may seem a little off topic as a Sports Massage Therapist but I believe it applies to all areas of life. It’s obvious, yes but that does not make it any less valuable

.Runners run

Throwers throw.

Hurdlers hurdle

.Swimmers swim

.You get the point. I often add this.

To get stronger, lift weights,

For recovery sleep.

For hydration drink water.

Oddly this makes people laugh. I laugh too, because it’s well obvious.Learn to embrace this. When faced with a problem, a simple way to begin is this: What is the obvious solution.No matter what sport, game, occupation or journey you embark upon, focusing on the obvious will help. Certainly you will need to deal with the smaller details, but master the obvious first.

Its also important to be honest with yourself. Often people already know the answer to the problem. I good way to evaluate this is to look back first.When I am am working with an athlete or client I want to know a bit about them. Certainly, we’ll do a physical assessment and highlight past injuries, surgeries, and illness, but its important to know the path each new client has taken to get to you. Forty plus years of filling yourself with soft drinks and extra desserts while steadfastly battling back any urge to exercise might be something we want to take into consideration.

Posted 184 weeks ago