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Larry Howard MSMA,  VTCT Level 5 Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist. ( Bona fide practitioners should display their qualification level on their website.) 

Gold level member of the Sports Massage Association.

Certified to administer the SFMS (Selective Functional Movement Assessment).

NAT Masters Qualified Practitioner

Registered with the CNHC which is approved by the Professional Standards Authority for Health & Social Care.

CNHC registration number 000047-H16

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Private health cash plans.

CNHC registration is recognised for reimbursement with a number of private health cash plan providers. This means clients who are members of the relevant plans can claim for the cost of treatment when they visit CNHC registered complementary therapists.


 About me

I love my work as a sports massage therapist and take great pride in getting results for my clients. I am a member of the sports massage association which requires members adhere to a code of conduct and undertake continuous yearly training to improve skills and knowledge. I am a level 5 qualified practitioner, which is the highest universally recognised level by the sports massage association and the sports therapy association.  

All my treatments are based on clinical assessments and testing, taking into account the clients medical history. 

Ethical considerations

If after my assessment I consider that a client presents with a medical problem which is outside of my scope of practice or they would be better served by seeing another type of professional I will refer them back to see their GP or a physiotherapist, podiatrist etc. No charge will be incurred in these cases.


I continually look to update my skills and knowledge. During the last 12 months I have become a certified SFMA practitioner. This is a movement based diagnostic system used by many elite sports team world wide, both to pinpoint the source of injury and pain but also to screen to help prevent future injuries occurring. 

In addition i have also been a successful competitive bodybuilder, winning North West Britain titles and represented Britain in the Mr Universe contest. I am also a qualified personal trainer, gym instructor and weightlifting instructor.

This training background has helped me gain an insight into the particular problems that many sports people and gym users encounter and to be able to offer relevant training advice.

I have worked on professional football players at Tranmere Rovers FC, the Japanese National Rugby Union team, professional and amateur boxers, runners and cyclists.

Sports massage for rugby

With the National Japanese National Rugby Union team whom I provided sports massage for during the team's tour of the UK.

My treatments include a variety of techniques including soft tissue release, trigger point therapy,deep tissue massage, myofascial release and kinesiology taping.

Covid -19 information

Wearing a face mask is optional during a treatment session. I am quite happy to wear a face mask during the treatment if the client prefers and they have the same choice. However if you have a respiratory condition you should cancel the appointment.

The Benefits of Sports Massage

Sports massage is the term applied to the discipline of using massage for the specific benefit of sport and exercise participants.

However anyone with everyday aches and pains can benefit from the techniques applied. Conditions treated include problems such as a stiff neck, a frozen shoulder or tension and fatigue.

Benefits of Sports Massage include

  • Improved circulation and lymphatic flow
  • Assist in the removal of metabolic waste
  • Speed up recovery time from your training and so increase the quality of your training
  • Injury prevention
  • Injury recovery
  • Increase or decrease in muscle tone.

If you are a sports performer of any level, a sports specific massage can be beneficial at various stages of participation.

  • The conditioning / training stage
  • Pre-competition
  • Inter-competion
  • Post competition

 Kinesiology taping may also be included as part of the treatment plan.

Sports massage technique

I am a certified Master practitioner of the Niel Asher technique. This is a proven method of resolving frozen shoulder problems.

My treatment room

SFMA Certified

Selective Functional Movement Assessment

I am qualified to administer the SFMA which is a movement based diagnostic system which is internationally recognised and used by many top sports teams world wide, including in the Premier league and the NBA in the USA. It is used in order to pin point the true source of injury and as a screen to reduce the likelihood of future injuries occurring.   


To book an appointment call or text Larry on 07768225580 or email energizesportsmassage@yahoo.uk.

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